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Ever played Agario? If you have ever wanted to use a discreet hack tool to get ahead of your friends, make sure you choose to use the Agar.io Cheats. Many people have requested a tool for Agario, allowing you to autonomously get things done. With the Agario Hack tool this is completely possible! Why should you do all the work when this nifty application will create a bot that will do all the hard work for you instead? There is no need for extra applications, no unnecessary extensions or even additional software, you download the APP and let it run! It really does not get any easier than that. Unlike other hack tools that require you to do a little setup before you can actually use them, Agario Hacks will do all of the hacking for you. It doesn’t matter if you have any experience with programming or any intermediate skills, this APP will do the computer wizardry on your behalf. Usually, especially when it people hear the word “hacking”, people become a little hesitant to download use these tools on their computer because they feel they are putting themselves at risk. I would like to assure you that this cheat tool is 100% safe! The hack tool is completely hosted online and requires no software to be installed before you can use it! The great thing about this cheats is server based is that you are completely anonymous during the hacking procedure, as the hack tool operates through its own unique serve so that the game server you are logging into will be able to detect that you are using this program. Another added bonus is that all information send and received from the hack server is encrypted so it will not be traced back to you. Think of it as stealth gear for your PC. Agar.io has become extremely popular and every week THOUSANDS of new players join to compete. This obviously makes it incredibly difficult to move up on the Leaderboards because there is such fierce competition. But you will be beyond that when using this tool and destroy the competition.

How to use Agario Hacks?


If you enjoy playing Agar.io, whether it be through your phone, laptop or desktop computer, you are already all too familiar with the difficulty of the game. Why spend so many hours grinding your way through the game to accumulate resources and a higher score when you can use this cheat to increase your Coins, XP Points and Mass while playing your Agar.io? Take the tedium out of the mundane and leave your friends bewildered with your progress, or frustrated that you’ve beaten your score and use this cheat today.

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Mass, XP and UNLIMITED Coins,All Yours!

The Agar.io is extremely simple to use, all you need is a stable internet connection whether it be mobile or a landline and you’re good to go. All that is required is that you remember your login details and punch them into the website. Then you have the opportunity to choose the particular resources you would like to have once you are in the game. Once you’re done selecting all your free items, you simply log into the game and with the help of the hack tool, you will receive them at absolutely no cost and not be kicked from the game for cheating. Many people are using this hack tool right now, maybe that’s why you’re struggling to get ahead? Get back in the game and try it out!


The Agar.io generator too works completely online, so there is no need to download anything. At the main login and enter your details. You will then enter the real game server through a new portal. Like a backdoor into the server, but one that allows you to do as you please. You mobile device does not need to be rooted and if you have an iPhone, you do not need to Jailbreak either to use this software. All you require is just your Agar.io user details.

So, to recap:

1. Enter your Nickname or the Email address of your unique Agar.io user account

2. Select the Gaming Mode & Region that you will be playing in

3. Input the quantity of resources you need (XP, Mass and Coins)

4. Select any other Special Features you may require:


- You will be able to see smaller cells and eat them


- Because bigger is better (Supports from 2x to 10x Mass speed)


- Unlock new agar.io free skins and look awesome!


-They can’t eat you if they can’t see you

Once you are all done, you can go ahead and click the “START” button and do battle!

As you can see, it is extremely easy to use this tool as it does not differ from how you normally would access the game. Only this time you have a superior advantage over all of your friends. You will be able to log in to the hack tool by using this website. Please do have fun using the tool and remember that it is completely safe to use. If you are logging into a friends account and using the hack tool, always be respectful and ask them before you make changes to their game. Some people choose to play the hard way.

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